Monthly Archives: February 2014

Was doing good

It had been about 10 weeks since my last fracture and I was starting to feel pretty good. I was regaining interest in my herb and butterfly gardens and cooking. I was ready to try sewing since I finally got one eye fixed (cataracts). I was going to make an apron with fabric in my favorite color (orange). I felt like doing something all the time. Then two days ago I reached around in the car trying to get something from the back seat and there was that familiar “pop” and the stabbing pain as a rib broke. Now I am back to pacing myself. Go for a few minutes and then rest for a while as the pain subsides. I don’t have to try not to breath too deep because it hurts, like I could anyway. My lungs are being squished since I have had so many compression fractures that I have lost three inches of space in that part of my spine. The key is to stay positive, don’t let it get me down and remember that it only takes six weeks for a fracture to heal. Continue reading


homemade dulce de leche

Keeping myself entertained and occupied keeps my mind off the pain of my almost continual broken bones.

I needed some dulce de leche for the salted caramel filling for some macarons I was test baking. I want to make these for my niece’s baby shower in blue, so I was testing the recipe and the color ahead of time. I found on the web where it told how to make it from sweetened condensed milk. I chose the easy method of baking it.
Put it in a tightly covered oven proof bowl in a water bath for 60 to 90 min. It came out the right color but not as thick as I wanted it. So I put the same bowl over a pot of water and cooked it til it was the right consistency. Came out great. The macarons, not so much.
You can tell from the little point on top that the batter was too thick. They cracked and I have read that could be from the weather. You’re not supposed to bake them on a rainy day, but I did. The color and the filling came out great. Good thing I did a test run though.